You can now add money to the Paytm wallet using a credit card

The Payment wallet practically started the digital payment revolution by India. While many websites allowed users to make digital payments using debit and credit cards, or online banking in the early 2010s, the Paytm wallet is what really put the spotlight on the idea of ​​portable money available at all times.

The idea was simple: download the Paytm app on your phone and add money from your bank account to the wallet the same way you would when making a payment on an e-commerce website or anywhere else. But instead of having spent that money, Paytm would hold that money for you in a digital wallet, which could then be used to purchase and pay for other items, like phone top-ups and taxi rides.

Since a digital wallet was not up to usual banking standards, you could also have automatic payments and other features. But the only problem users often encountered was that the Paytm wallet could only hold the amount of cash you had in your bank account. That is, until Paytm started allowing users to top up money on the site using credit cards.

Now, the wallet is not just an extension of your bank account, but also the amount of credit you have in your name.

Here’s how to add money to Paytm wallet using a credit card

Adding money to the Paytm wallet from a credit card is not too different from adding money using bank or debit cards. You can also transfer the unused balance of money added to your wallet to your bank account at no additional cost. To add money from a credit card, you must first open the app and tap the
PayTM Wallet the option, which appears below the MyPaytm option on the app home page. This will take you to a page that displays the balance you have on your Paytm wallet, and it will be zero if you don’t have any.

Under the balance, you will see the option “add money to your Paytm wallet”. You enter the amount you want to add in the text box here and press the continue button below, which will take you to another page that will show you different payment options.

For those who have already added a credit card, the card should appear on this next screen. But if not, you just need to tap on the credit card option under “new payment methods”, enter your card details and save them.

Then you click on the “Pay” button that appears below and the application will ask you to enter the number of the credit card. CVV Number. Once a credit card is registered, you will only need to enter the CVV number and then a OTPs on the app whenever you want to add money using the credit card. For security reasons, the app will only ever display the last four digits of your card.

You don’t necessarily need to store card details on the Paytm app, but it makes adding money from a credit card a lot easier. If you don’t save it, you will have to enter the credit card number and all its other details each time.

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