X1 Credit Card Benefits You Can’t Miss

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There isn’t much innovation in credit cards these days, but the Card X1 claims to be different. And it has a wide range of benefits, including some that other cards don’t.

The X1 credit card is a Visa card issued by Coastal Community Bank, so it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, which is just about anywhere. X1 is not a bank, it is a fintech company. This seems to have influenced the benefits offered by the card, as the focus is on technology and security.

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of the X1 credit card.

Three card types in one

If you get the credit card X1, you will get a metal card with your account number on it. But you can also get single-use virtual account numbers that you use once for an online purchase and then they disappear, so no one can steal your account number. Moreover, you can use your card immediately, even before your metal card arrives.

There are also numbers that are specifically generated to sign up for free trials. These account numbers are automatically canceled within 24 hours, so you won’t be charged for a membership or subscription if you forget to cancel after the free trial ends.

Dots — Lots of Dots

X1 credit cardholders earn 2 points for every dollar spent on any purchase. You don’t have to register or choose categories – it’s just 2 points per dollar all the time. If you spend $15,000 or more on the card in a year, you get 3 points for every dollar, retroactive to the first dollar spent that year. Note that the year is based on your anniversary of getting the card, not the calendar year.

You can also get a referral bonus if you invite others to apply for a card. If someone you refer is approved and activates their card, you’ll earn up to 10 points per dollar on all purchases for 30 days from the time your friend activates their card. Note that this can go up to 10 points because X1 calls it a “mystery reward multiplier” – you can get 4, 5 or 10 points per dollar spent. Unsurprisingly, most people will get 4 or 5 points per dollar, not 10, but that’s still a bonus.

In the X1 app, you can get Boosts, which are special offers for extra points. They offer a higher number of points in certain categories for a limited time.

You can redeem your points for cash back as statement credit or for purchases from X1 Rewards Partners. Your points never expire as long as your account is active and not overdue.

Additionally, the points you earn are awarded as soon as you make the purchase. You don’t have to wait for points to be awarded or for the next statement period to redeem them.

Add cardholders for more points

You can add up to five cardholders to your account. Each gets their own card, with their own number, so you can keep them all straight. And every purchase on every card earns points.

This is a great advantage for married couples who share an account, or for parents with college-aged (or even older) children. Sometimes having your own credit card is a little too responsible for a student, but having your own card on a parent’s account can help build credit and good credit habits. And you can set a limit for each card so kids don’t overspend.

Your credit limit is based on your income

When qualifying for the X1 card, X1 takes into account your current and future earnings. Your credit limit will be based on credit approval and underwriting.

Your interest rate is based on your creditworthiness and is variable. As of November 3, APRs ranged from 16.50% to 27.00%.

No Credit Extraction Until You Accept

Applying for the X1 results in low credit application only, which will not impact your credit score. However, once your request has been approved, X1 will carry out a hard credit draw when you accept the card.

No annual fee

This one speaks for itself. You are not charged for the privilege of carrying this card in your wallet. If you don’t carry over a balance from one month to the next, you pay nothing. No.

The X1 app

Since X1 is a fintech company, it’s obvious that the app has gone through a lot of thought. You can receive notifications for every purchase, find any transaction, dispute a charge, and request a replacement for a lost card, all within the app. It will even tell you how much interest you will owe before making a payment.

Travel benefits

Those with the X1 credit card get trip interruption reimbursement, collision damage waiver for rental cars, and travel and emergency assistance. You also benefit from roadside dispatch, at home or on the go. You are also entitled to the Visa Signature concierge service to help you plan your trip, make reservations and more.

Benefits of Purchase Protection

X1 credit cardholders enjoy cellphone protection, purchase security, extended warranty, return protection, and zero-liability protection.


There are so many credit cards available, it’s hard to know which offers the benefits you need. But if your priorities include security, cash back, and a line of credit based on your income, not your credit score, the X1 credit card is well worth a look.

Information is accurate as of November 4, 2022.

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