Woman arrested for embezzling money from father’s account: police

A 34-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly siphoning off more than Rs two lakh from her retired father’s retirement account to recover her mortgaged gold jewelry from a finance company against a loan, police said on Saturday. . While transferring money from her father’s account using mobile banking between last November and March this year, the woman used to delete one-time passwords and debit messages from his phone to avoid suspicion, they said. Police began investigating the case on the complaint of a 69-year-old retired power company employee in which he alleged that Rs 2.03 lakh was debited from his bank’s pension account between November of last year and March without his knowledge. He also said he had not received any OTPs for the transactions or any debit messages from the bank, a senior police officer said. During the investigation, the wallets and the bank account were analyzed and it was revealed that the money had first been transferred to electronic wallets and then to two bank accounts, the officer said. The first bank account was found registered in the name of the victim’s son-in-law and the second belonged to his daughter, the officer said. The defendant’s daughter was arrested after admitting that she had transferred the money from her father’s account after adding his ATM card number in his electronic wallet and using the OTPs received on his father’s mobile phone. father for the transaction, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) said Sagar Singh Kalsi. She further stated that she used to delete OTPs and debit messages to avoid suspicion, DCP said. Initially, she transferred a small amount from her father’s account to his online wallet, he said, adding that when the transaction went unnoticed, she started transferring larger amounts.

She siphoned off a total of Rs 2.03 lakh in a few months and used it to recover her mortgaged gold jewelery from the finance company, Kalsi said. Her family is financially weak, with her husband a daily bet, the DCP said.

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