West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. Amends and Extends Existing Credit Facility from $300,000,000 to $500,000,000 Senior Unsecured

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. amended and extended the existing $300,000,000 credit facility to a $500,000,000 senior unsecured revolving credit facility by entering into a second amendment and join and take-over agreement. charge between West, certain of its subsidiaries, the lenders being parties thereto from time to time, Bank of America, NA, as administrative agent, Swing Line lender and originating lender; BOFA Securities, Inc., Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, US Bank National Association and JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, as Joint Lead Arrangers and Joint Bookrunners, and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, US Bank National Association and JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, as co-syndication agents. Capitalized terms that are not defined herein shall have the meaning defined in the amended Credit Agreement. The terms of the Amended Credit Agreement include: a $500,000,000 senior unsecured multi-currency revolving credit facility, with sub-limits of up to $50,000,000 for line of credit loans for US dollar domestic borrowers and a line of credit loan of $40,000,000 for West Pharmaceutical Services Holding GmbH and up to $50,000,000 for the issuance of standby letters of credit, which credit facility may be increased by from time to time of the greater of $929,000,000 and EBITDA for the preceding twelve month period in the aggregate by an increase in the revolving credit facility, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions; A termination date of March 31, 2027; Borrowings under the Credit Facility bear interest, at the option of the Company, at either: (a) the Guaranteed Term Overnight Funding Rate (SOFR) plus 0.10% plus an applicable margin; or (b) a base rate defined as the greater of: (i) the Bank of America “prime rate”; (ii) the effective federal funds rate plus 0.50%; and (iii) forward SOFR plus 1.00%. The applicable margin is based on the ratio of the Company’s consolidated net debt to its modified EBITDA, ranging from 0 to 37.5 basis points for base rate loans and from 87.5 to 137.5 basis points for SOFR term loans; Financial covenants providing that the Company will not allow the ratio of the Company’s Consolidated Net Debt to its Modified EBITDA to exceed 3.5 to 1; provided that, no more than three times during the term of the Amended Credit Agreement, upon the occurrence of a Qualifying Acquisition for each of the four fiscal quarters of the Company immediately following such Qualifying Acquisition, the ratio set forth below above be increased to 4.0 to 1; Usual limitations on the liens guaranteeing the indebtedness of the Company and its subsidiaries, fundamental changes (mergers, consolidations, liquidations and dissolutions), sales of assets, distributions and acquisitions; The Company is required to pay customary fees to agents and lenders under the Amended Credit Agreement in connection with arranging and maintaining the Credit Facility; and Certain of the agents and lenders under the Amended Credit Agreement and their affiliates from time to time perform various financial advisory, investment banking and commercial banking services for the Company and its affiliates for which they have received customary fees and compensation for such transactions. and may in future receive customary fees and compensation.