We will leverage artificial intelligence to boost IGR – NSIRS Chairman – SundiataPost

Nasarawa State Internal Revenue Service (NSIRS) Chairman Ahmed Yakubu said the agency will explore artificial intelligence (AI) to improve revenue generation in the state.

Yakubu told Lafia this on Friday when he received the “ICT Man of the Year 2021” award given to him by the State Bureau for Information and Communication Technology (BICT). NSIRS was also awarded “Excellence in Technological Innovation” by the bureau. Yakubu said that NSIRS’ deployment of technological innovation has helped boost revenue generation in the state since 2018. He said that the agency was able to automate its revenue generation process with a central billing system using ICT to block leakage and make tax payment transparent to taxpayers. “Thanks to the automated process, all payments are made online in real time, and we can monitor online payments in real time from all parts of the world. “You can make payment from the comfort of your home using mobile devices through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), banking apps or automated teller machines (ATMs),” Yakubu said. The NSIRS Chairman said he is working to harness the full potential of AI to improve his revenue collection. “AI is the way to go now because there are so many processes and procedures you can explore, especially in terms of revenue collection.” Once you have human interference in revenue collection, you will definitely level theft. “There are so many things that AI can do for us. We can use it in the area of ​​demand notice service and even compliance monitoring,” he said. Yakubu thanked BICT for finding the agency and itself worthy of the awards in recognition of the organization’s commitment, innovation and dedication to the use of ICT in its operations. to the use of ICT, the organization had gained the trust of taxpayers and increased the internally generated revenue of the state from about billion in 2018 to 16.8 billion naira in 2021. Ibrahim added that the agency was also able to expand the taxpayer database from 22,161 to 345,729 during the period. He said the multiple revenue collection system, central billing system, efficient use of their site Web and timely use of email for most matches ances were some of the reasons NIRS Excellence in Technological Innovation was awarded. Ibrahim said the award was well deserved and expressed the hope that other ministries departments and agencies would be encouraged to emulate and adopt the use of ICT in their operations. making Nasarawa State one of the most digitally-rich states in the country,” Ibrahim said.


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