UNDP partners with Arya.ag and Friends of Women’s World Banking Agriculture

UNDP has selected Arya.ag and Friends of Women’s World Banking, India (FWWB India) as partners for the implementation of enterprise and value chain promotion interventions in agriculture and related activities.

The partnership aims to create a cadre of community resource people to mentor and support entrepreneurs and promote individual and group businesses by December 2023. The master plan for Project Excel includes building a team of community leaders procurement to implement value chain interventions and establish market and credit linkages through collectivization. As part of this partnership, Arya.ag will rely on farmer collectives to effectively manage the post-harvest process and develop the producer group’s agricultural value chain.

Arya.ag will provide its platform to farmer collectives and FPOs to showcase their products in its marketplace. Farmers will benefit from the economies of scale and synergies provided by the company’s extensive integrated ecosystem of services, including quality inputs, business support, agricultural advice and management tools, affordable credit, and capacity building. capacities. Through collectivization, they will help village farmers establish market and credit links. Takeovers, which have farmers as shareholders, would take advantage of economies of scale, reduce production costs and increase farmers’ incomes. Arya.ag’s dedicated agritech initiatives solve traceability and transparency issues and provide quality assurance for seamless commodity trading.

FWWB India will focus on developing entrepreneurship among villagers. It will support the economic empowerment of youth and women by creating demand-driven micro and nano enterprises. This partnership aims to create an enabling business environment with end-to-end solutions consisting of training and technical support, capital-to-market linkages and support for skills building, women’s empowerment and ensuring sustainable development. sustainable income at individual and collective level.

The overall objective of this project is to develop the potential of rural and semi-urban communities and provide them with opportunities to improve their livelihoods in sectors such as agriculture, dairy, poultry, craft weaving, goat raising and handicrafts, etc. also contribute to strengthening their management capacities and strengthening links with markets.

Arya.ag and FWWB India will work intensively to strengthen the agricultural value chain and create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. They will enable deeper engagements with knowledge partners that will positively impact the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers and women in underserved communities in Dwarka Devbhumi and increase their incomes.

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