TSA’s Apple Mobile ID Readers are powered by IDEMIA technology

The Transportation Security Administration is finally ready to accept digital IDs stored in Apple wallets. The agency first revealed it was working with Apple in 2021 and will begin recognizing digital documents at airports in the first quarter of 2022.

The TSA is now ready to take the next step and will soon allow people from multiple participating states to pass through airport security with a digital driver’s license (or state ID card) instead of a physical license. In doing so, he will have the help of IDEMIA, which is a long-time partner of the TSA and will provide the Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) readers that the TSA will use to scan the digital documents.

The new technology debuted at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, with plans to expand to other airports across the United States. The system should reduce congestion at security checkpoints, since people will no longer need to present identification (physical or digital) to a real TSA agent. Instead, people will be able to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch on a CAT reader to transfer the necessary identity information, then perform a facial or Touch ID biometric scan to make sure that information matches. to the person holding the phone.

People who live in states that support digital IDs can add a driver’s license or state ID to their Apple Wallet with the “+” button at the top of the screen. All data stored in the wallet is encrypted to guard against theft and tampering.

IDEMIA, meanwhile, has worked with the TSA since 2013 to register travelers in the TSA PreCheck program. The company is also one of the largest driver’s license providers in the United States, issuing more than 55 million cards for people in 35 states on an annual basis.

“We are excited to work with Apple and the TSA on the next step in secure and transparent identity verification,” said Pierre Barrial, President and CEO of IDEMIA. “This leverages the best of IDEMIA’s expertise in identity technologies and digitization of credentials.

IDEMIA and the TSA plan to upgrade CAT readers to better support contactless screening experiences. The company has been at the forefront of the digital ID movement and has already provided digital driver’s licenses for states like Oklahoma and Mississippi.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)