The Rockies, Nationals and Reds have the best leverage

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Stacks of teams with the most leverage: Rockies, Nationals, Reds

The Rockies find themselves with the most weight on tonight’s slate, but given that snow is expected throughout this game, this game is unlikely to even play.

Washington has the second-worst record in the league, so it will be a tough pill to swallow any time you stack Nationals players, especially against a very terrific pitcher in Eric Lauer. Even though Washington doesn’t have much, they have a few stallions in Josh Bell and Juan Soto who are worth considering in any lineup, regardless of pitcher. For the two in particular, in addition to cheaper options like Nelson Cruz, Lauer is struggling to give up power as he’s already allowed seven homers this season, so there could be a potential advantage with the Washington sluggers.

Cincinnati managed to lose by going an 8-inning no-hitter, so stacking them feels like just putting down some cash and not expecting a potential comeback. While on the face of it it’s hard to back the league’s worst team in any way, there’s a silver lining that there are worse offenses.

Tonight, the Reds are very poorly owned, very cheap and face a pitcher who has had a very difficult start to the season in Hyun Jin Ryu. Two disastrous performances for Ryu to start the season quickly put him on the IL, and in a comeback since then Ryu was manageable. Could Ryu be as bad as he was or take a step in the right direction?

If you’re already planning to take out a very risky formation, betting on a Ryu meltdown could be a strong play.