Swishfund live on Five Degrees °neo cloud native banking platform


Swishfund was founded in 2016 to help SME entrepreneurs achieve growth, create value and exploit market opportunities by providing fast and flexible funding. The company plays a pioneering role in the development of innovative financing for companies and is one of the first fintech lenders in the Netherlands. Since 2018, it has also been issuing business loans in the UK, which are growing at a rapid pace.

The SME lending company is now focused on expanding its business as it has become a highly successful label in the market with dazzling growth figures. With °neo, Swishfund will significantly leverage the capabilities of the cloud-native core banking platform by adopting a range of highly automated and flexible financial products to scale quickly, meet client needs and stay ahead of the market.

°neo is a cloud-native core banking platform for banks and lenders who want seamless SaaS loan management technology and offers a truly innovative proposition to its customers. The solution combines in-depth knowledge of the banking industry, years of experience and exceptional technological expertise. Its users benefit from a next-generation core banking system that offers bank-level granularity in combination with extensive data management capabilities and no-code configuration. °neo’The best-in-class ecosystem helps banks shorten their time to market by leveraging services from other fintechs, making it easy to combine additional features to enhance their core capabilities.

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Five Degrees has been a leader in delivering next-generation banking technology for more than a decade. Founded by bankers in 2010, their clients are leading banks and lenders in Europe and North America with a strong digital ambition.

Jeroen Sonsma, CEO of Swishfund, comments: “We believe that entrepreneurs should have access to financing that is as efficient and flexible as possible. Therefore, we work with the latest technologies on the market to meet their demands. By adopting °neo, we are taking a new step in efficiency, which opens up new possibilities to provide a seamless lending experience that will bring us more customers and retain existing ones. Due to the nature of the platform, we were able to adapt its infrastructure to suit our needs. Now we can offer our clients an even smoother application and approval process through our websites www.swishfund.nl and www.swishfund.co.uk. Integrating °neo into our business allows us to focus only on what we are good at: providing fast, flexible and tailored credit.’

Jeffrey Severijn, CEO of °neo comments: After a decade of delivering innovative core banking technology to our clients, we are extremely pleased to have Swishfund as a client for °neo. We are proud to see Swishfund adopting and trusting our core cloud-native banking solution. And while our Developer Portal has made it easy to implement °neo with self-service documentation, we are fully committed to providing all necessary support to Swishfund so they can continue to achieve their business goals by leveraging from our platform.

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