Spice Money Launches RedBlue Revolution to Elevate Rural Banking

On the historic occasion of celebrating 75 years of independence this year, Spice Money has launched ‘RedBlue Revolution’, an independent brand initiative that aims to create a distinct identity for rural outlets.

Spice Money launched the “RedBlue Revolution” to register these outlets as “smart banking outlets” in the minds of rural citizens and ensure that rural customers can locate a rural banking outlet in their respective areas without hassle. .

The company intends to reach out to all businesses operating in India’s rural economy providing financial services to come together and join the revolution to make it a nationwide phenomenon. .

As part of the “RedBlue Revolution”, Spice Money is urging all rural outlets in India that provide banking and digital services, regardless of brand/company across the country, to paint the exterior of their stores in red and blue, making it easier for customers. to identify “smart banking points” and establish a clear and unique identity as a local banking point and gain more footfall and business, resulting in increased interest in businesses led by rural financial services.

Sanjeev Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Spice Money, said: “While rural India has seen massive growth in digital financial services over the past few years, we have barely scratched the surface. One of the biggest challenges faced by rural banking outlets across the country is the lack of identity and awareness of the financial services they offer among customers in their respective regions. Spice Money has pledged to address this issue on the historic occasion of the completion of 75 years of Indian independence with the launch of “RedBlue Revolution” which will create a distinct identity for the category itself and will raise awareness of smart banking points and expand the reach of rural areas. bank outlets across the country.