Sogolytics Partners with CUNA to Help Credit Unions Deliver Better Member Experiences

Using member feedback to build loyalty and provide better experiences is paramount in the new competitive environment for credit unions – and having an innovative tool to help makes a difference.

CUNA, the Credit Union National Association, selected Sogolytics to demonstrate SogoCXtheir industry-leading customer experience management software, during the 2022 Speed ​​Rounds CUNA Member Operations and Experience Council and CUNA Technology Consulting Conference in Las Vegas. Speed ​​Rounds are live, fast-paced, high-impact product demonstrations of innovative technology solutions that help move credit unions forward. The selection is competitive and few solutions are chosen for this showcase.

“We are obviously excited about this opportunity,” said the Sales Director Ian Crowleywho will present the live demo on September 22. “This is a great opportunity to connect with the credit union community and share our experience in improving the member experience. »

Crowley pointed out that learning and growing with partners in the credit union space has been instrumental in developing a unique offer for credit unions. Sogolytics is dedicated to supporting retention and growth in the credit union industry with automation, member journey mapping, integrations, and other experience management tools. SogoCX, designed to focus on the member experience, is a powerful and robust platform that reinvents collecting and acting on member feedback at every touchpoint, enabling credit unions to improve the member experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

“Using member feedback to build loyalty and deliver better experiences is paramount in the new competitive credit union environment – ​​and having an innovative tool to help make a difference,” said Laurie Flanders, Vice President of Strategic Sales at Sogolytics. “The world of banking for credit unions is changing as their footprint expands, and managing member experiences is our goal to help make smarter investments in resources to improve returns and experiences.”

In addition to selection for live demo rounds, Sogolytics will also be represented in a breakout session: On September 23, Laurie Flanders will explain why credit union members might switch to a competitor and what credit unions can do to avoid this. “When credit unions leverage their strengths and adopt the right strategies,” says Flanders, “they can overcome the challenges they face when competing with traditional banks – such as the perception of more innovative technology , ease of doing business or better customer service – enabling them to retain existing members while attracting new ones The session will highlight examples of how some credit unions have used member feedback effectively to fuel their retention strategies.

Crowley and Flanders invite attendees to learn more about Sogolytics during the September 22 Speed ​​Rounds, join the breakout session on September 23, and stop by the Sogolytics booth throughout the event, which is is held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from September 21-24.

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