Social Security Increases Work Credit Amount, Best Credit Cards and Top Financial News October 19, 2022

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Today is an interesting day, as it is both Life Appraisal Day and National New Friends Day. So, by evaluating your life, you might come to the conclusion that you need new friends. Or maybe not! While you’re thinking about it, check out today’s top financial stories.

The big track: Social Security increases the amount of the work credit to $1,640

The Social Security Administration announced changes for 2023, including the value of a work credit going from $1,510 to $1,640. Read the full story here

Company Spotlight: McDonald’s Sells Krispy Kreme Donuts, But Only in This State

Krispy Kreme will soon be sold under the Golden Arches in a state best known for its fried chicken – and Wall Street loves it. Read the full story here

It’s useful: act quickly and you can still earn almost 10% return on this investment

Despite inflation and stock market fluctuations, there is still a way to get a good return on your money – buy a Treasury Direct Series I Savings Bond which is currently yielding 9.62% for six months on up to $10,000 in savings. Read the full story here

Bonus: GOBankingRates’ Best Credit Cards for 2023

Our detractors know credit cards inside out. We’ll connect you with the right credit card for your needs. See them all here

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