Sandy Alcantara and Lance Lynn are Monday’s best leveraged pitchers

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Pitchers who see the most leverage: Sandy Alcantara, Lance Lynn

Sandy Alcantara has been spectacular this season, propelling him to current NL Cy Young favorite. In his last six starts, Alcantara has thrown a staggering 48 innings while giving up just three earned runs. He will face the Philadelphia Phillies, who have won nine of their last ten, placing in the top five in ISO, wOBA and wRC+ over the past two weeks. The success of the Phillies is likely a big reason why Alcantara ownership has taken a dive. Put Alcantara in a debt situation tonight, but we’ll bet on his longevity, especially since his strikeout percentage is only around 24%. Still, is it the smartest play, considering he’s averaged eight innings per outing over his last six starts with a total of 638 pitches? Eventually, his arm might collapse, but buying the leverage on Alcantara rather than bleaching it seems to offer more benefits.

Today will be Lance Lynn’s first start of the season after spending the first two months on the injured list. Lynn is coming off the best season of her decade-long career as her ERA and xERA were at rock bottom while improving her K% and BB% numbers. If he can carry that tonight against a dreadful Detroit Tigers, then putting Lynn in a less than 10% held leverage situation would definitely be a slam dunk. However, in his limited appearances in rehab, he gave up ten earned runs in ten innings, including seven in his last appearance on Wednesday. At the same time, it’s unclear what kind of workload Lynn will have tonight. There seems to be too much uncertainty about what type of Lynn we’ll see and how long he’ll be on the mound. It would be worth the risk if it was reasonably priced, but at $9,600 on DraftKings, maybe not.