Núñez’s influence at FC Barcelona was the members of the club

Joan Laporta looking for leverage. Not to stir up dirt, like Archimedes, but to improve Barcelona’s financial situation. Leverage is what consultants now call economic injections to get out of trouble.

Laporta has his hands full by Florentino Perez ally as he closes the door on the CVC-LaLiga deal. He owes Florentino too many favors to move on to Javier Tebas’ so he is looking for “levers” that he will put to the vote today.

Jose Luis Nunez arrived at Barça in a very difficult situation, with a debt of 777 million euros, the equivalent of a one-year budget. His lever was the club members, whom he solicited a year in advance, a call to which 95.3% responded.

A year later, 82% of borrowers have waived repayment of their loan. With that, Núñez could relax. He also improved sponsorship deals by changing the brand in each sector and charging them up front. He even had the ambition to enlarge Camp Nou with another level paid by Banco de Occidente provided that all new subscribers make their transaction through this bank.

The rebirth of Barcelona

Different times, different ways. The transition was quick and although Núñez was not exactly a nationalist, he used the momentum of this period to push people back. The rebirth of Barcain those years when Catalonia was eager to strengthen itself in all areas.

Today, Laporta is facing severe deflation. The dynamics are not the same, no need to dwell on it, just look at what happened on the other hand Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League. Now, hand in hand with Florentino and blowing the embers of the unborn SuperLeague, Laporta has very different plans than Núñez. It has no room for anything else.