NAPE to Leverage Confab for New Exploration Technologies and Energy Transition | The Guardian Nigeria News

The Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorers (NAPE) has said its 40th Annual International Conference and Exhibition (AICE) scheduled for November 13-17, 2022 will seek ways to address the challenges of global energy transition, changing regulations and geo-environmental strategies. in the era of the country’s energy transition.

NAPE Chairman Dr. James Edet at the NAPE Media Workshop said the conference will also focus on the application of new technologies in exploration and production activities, training geoscientist in the new energy mix and adaptation in a changing world. .

According to him, the growing need to transition to more sustainable energy sources, energy poverty and global geopolitics necessitate a strategic reassessment of the energy industry in Nigeria.

He added that the country has an energy transition plan to bring the country to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060, but said many factors need to be considered and addressed appropriately. in the country’s transition to its sustainable energy future.

He pointed out that the reality of climate change is facing Nigeria with desertification in the north and flooding in the south and parts of the north.

“This shift calls for a critical need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions while ensuring available and affordable electricity,” he said. He noted that with the establishment of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) and the enactment of the Climate Change Act, the oil and gas industry has a role to play in the successful implementation of these ambitious regulations and plans.

He said that globally, major consumers in the hydrocarbon industry are undergoing a massive technological shift towards low or zero carbon energy use such as electric vehicles, noting that the ongoing war, Global politics, insecurity issues in the country and asset divestment have exacerbated the impact of energy supply shortages and altered the energy landscape.

“In addition, there are other satisfying and increasingly relevant topics such as: energy security; the dynamics of gas development, marketing and monetization; the development of Nigeria’s underexplored gas-rich Cretaceous basins; and how Nigeria will adapt its policies and diversify its energy portfolio in the era of energy transition to achieve sustainable growth for its economy,” he said.

He said the conference, titled “Global Energy Transition and the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry: Changing Regulations, Emerging Concepts and Opportunities,” will feature speakers, who are senior industry practitioners, personnel key to government and academia, delivering technical papers on seven sub-themes.

The NAPE boss said the expo will showcase the latest technologies, products, services and skills from leading CIOs and indigenous operators in the upstream sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

“There will be a pavilion dedicated to banks/financial institutions/universities/other professional associations. It will also feature an Industry Awards/Recognition Night which he says is the biggest social event of the conference and will reward individuals, institutions and companies who have advanced the learning and practice of geosciences in the world. Nigeria and the world”.