Money-saving tips: 8 of the best budget bloggers and influencers

As a former food bank user herself, she’s been blogging for years about how to cook low-cost meals, and you can access her low-budget recipes – from bagged salad pesto, to passing through the sausage and bean casserole, the zucchini chocolate cake and the peaches and chickpea curry – on his site Cooking on a Bootstrap.

Claire Seal – My frugal year

Financial coach Claire Seal offers honest advice on money and life, and has documented how she cleared her £27,000 debt on his Instagram page My frugal year.

She recommends using the Snoop budget planning app to properly manage your finances and budget.

Much of his work focuses on the deeper fundamentals of a healthy relationship with money, from building self-esteem to fighting consumerism.

Martin Lewis – The Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis spoke to The Big Issue about the “vicious” relationship between money and mental health, and his advice has never been more needed.

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The financial regime

the The Financial Diet Instagram account is likely to be a welcome addition to your feed, in that it gets you to really question whether your latest impulse purchase is something you really need or really want.

It aims to help you talk about money and live a better life on any budget.

Articles include understanding what child poverty can look like as an adult, ways to say no with financial confidence, how to build credit, and easier ways to save.

Family budget

This Award-winning UK parenting and budget blog is led by Becky Goddard Hill and offers money-making and money-saving ideas for a creative, happy and thrifty family life.

Blog posts cover topics such as how to better understand the UK economy, how to start investing, quick wins for people who need to save money, and how to exercise on a budget.

Iona Bath

Dubbed the money spokeswoman of the millennium, Iona Bain is on a mission to help young people take control of their personal finances.

It offers practical tips on how to save and tips for growing your money, as well as financial advice, analysis and inspiration.

Iona founded the pioneer Young Money Blog in 2011, and also worked with Lloyds Banking Academy on the Your Future Finances initiative, the UK’s first fully sign language-enabled educational program.

Books and senses

This blog is about making money, saving money and investing, aimed especially at older people by Nick Daws of Burntwood, Staffordshire.

He publishes articles on saving money from the perspective of the over 60s, including cashback programs, deal sites and discount offers. There is also a section on benefits and pensions.

Nick’s best advice is not to stick your head in the sand when it comes to money matters. He advises people to watch their income and expenses carefully, and be alert to ways to increase the former and decrease the latter.

The silver whisperer

Do you want to become more financially resilient? Emma Maslin is a certified financial coach and mentor, and his blog provides simple, jargon-free ways to understand money matters.

She focuses on the elements of holistic financial wellness, addressing emotions and subconscious beliefs around money before implementing practical steps to build confidence.