Marketa announces API enhancements for its credit platform

Credit card issuance Platform Marqueta recently announced new features for its credit platform. These Marketa API enhancements include over 40 new resources aimed at enabling developers to design, build, test, and launch personalized credit card experiences.

Additionally, Marqeta’s credit platform offers customers the ability to tap into the program management and banking capabilities of First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO). The APIs The enhancements mean that clients can now offer their customers solutions that provide instant credit decisions through the ability to connect to FNBO’s decision engine.

The company says that with the new API features, fintechs and banks can design and integrate native credit card experiences that include features such as:

  • New Dashboard Experience: A “no-code” workflow will allow customers to configure key card settings such as APRs, rewards and fees, with built-in approval and compliance controls.
  • Flexible rewards engine: Marqeta’s rewards tools allow customers to go beyond traditional cashback rewards. Customers can mix and match rewards based on merchant category spend and various cardholder behaviors, such as one-time payments. This allows them to implement new reward options in real time.
  • Simplified authorization with gateway just-in-time (JIT) financing: Marqeta’s credit platform now comes with its gateway JIT functionality, allowing businesses to participate in the authorization of credit transactions. This opens up one-time spending use cases such as lowering recurring subscription spending, converting purchases into installment loans, or granting additional credit beyond a user’s current credit limit. .

Interested developers can check out the API Documentation at Marqueta Developer Portal.