India eliminated queues by going online, digital push curbed transplant, saved money: PM

Press Trust of India

Gandhinagar: Praising the role of digital technology in changing the lives of people in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that India has eliminated queues or queues by going online online and offering a multitude of services.

Over the past eight years, he said, the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) initiative, which aims to transfer grants or financial aid directly to eligible recipients through their linked bank accounts, has saved Rs 2.23,000 crore which otherwise went to ineligible people. .

The Prime Minister was addressing a rally after inaugurating ‘Digital India Week 2022’ here at the Mahatma Mandir Convention Centre.

“Until eight or ten years ago, we had to line up (queues) for everything. We had to line up for birth certificates, to pay bills, for ration, for admission , for results, for certificates, in banks. There were so many queues we were standing in. India eliminated all those queues by going online. Now the majority of those services are digital,” Modi said.

Stressing the importance of his government’s Digital India Mission, Modi said time will not wait for a country that does not adopt new technologies when needed and maintained that the country suffered during the third revolution. industrial.

“But now, India is leading the world towards the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. Gujarat has also taken the lead in this initiative as the state has already taken initiatives such as data center, GSWAN, e- Gram and ATVT Jan Seva Kendra,” Modi said, referring to steps taken on the digital front by the state government when he was Gujarat CM.

The experience of launching these initiatives in Gujarat became the foundation of the Digital India Mission, he said, adding that the Centre’s national program relieves the poor of corruption and works for the elimination of intermediaries in all the domains.

The Prime Minister said the combination of Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and Mobile bank accounts, called “JAM”, has benefited the poor as well as the middle class more than other sections of society.

While explaining how Digital India initiatives are saving people time as they no longer have to travel to government offices, Modi shared an experience from his constituency of Lok Sabha, Varanasi, where he learned that workers and poor citizens preferred to travel semi-upscale. speed Vande Bharat Express train although it is more expensive than regular trains.

“The station master (from Varanasi) said that the train has two purposes. It not only provides more space to store goods, but it also saves 6-8 hours of travel time, which these workers can use to earn more money. This extra money would easily cover the high ticket price (of Vande Bharat Express). This is the true example of (proverb) time is money,” said the Prime Minister.

Recalling his days as a Gujarat CM, Modi said many people opposed his plans to pay widows’ pension through post offices or banks, saying it was difficult for women beneficiaries to leave their homes to collect the amount.

“When I stood firm on the plan and started implementing it, we learned that many ineligible people were taking this pension pretending to be widows. opposed to my decision wanted to uphold it.Using the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) route, we have deposited over Rs 23,00,000 crore directly into the bank accounts of bona fide beneficiaries over the last 8 years,” said the Prime Minister.

He said the DBT initiative saved Rs 2.23,000 crore which otherwise went to ineligible people.

The Prime Minister informed the audience that Aadhaar’s biometric information has so far helped to find almost 500 lost children and reunite them with their families.

“In May, almost 1.3 lakh UPI (Unified Payments Interface) took place every minute, which is almost 2,200 in one second. The 40% of digital transactions in the world take place in India. Many countries are interested in our digital products such as UPI These tools have scale, they are secure and they have democratic value,” the Prime Minister said.

UPI is a system that powers multiple bank accounts into a single mobile app (from any participating bank), merging multiple banking features, seamless fund routing, and merchant payments into a single hood.

He said the “double dose” of Digital India and Make in India (push or local manufacturing) will help India reach new heights in the “Industrial Revolution 4.0”.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister launched several new digital initiatives such as Digital India Bhashini, Digital India Genesis, Chips to Startup and My Scheme.