I also wanted to take advantage

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar was trained as a mechanical engineer with a major in thermal engineering from the University of Roorkee (now Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee) where h LESS MORE

I just love the new language of business and how it transforms less appealing terms into glamorous ones. Thus, overspending has become “cash consuming”, generating profits transformed into “maximizing shareholder value” (regardless of whether the owners themselves are the majority shareholders via indecipherable webs), and this villain at the The old – indebtedness – has appeared in a shiny new avatar named variously as ‘indebted’, ‘over-indebted’ or even ‘deeply over-indebted’ depending on the extent of borrowing.

Here I would like to let you in on a little secret. Coming from a bourgeois background, I too wanted to be rich. Not uber rich of some world ranking, of course, but rich enough to flaunt. And what I could bring to the table as my take home pay (can be read as my net worth) was too meager. So, I thought about borrowing (oops, leverage) but strangely none of the banks seemed inclined to give me credit. What a contrast between an individual and large companies! Perhaps the banks must have thought it pointless to back a performing and productive type when there was negligible scope to add to their hard-earned lists of “non-performing assets (NPAs)”. Incidentally, the term NPA is another mystery, why call something an asset when its non-execution made it a liability? And maybe that’s where the catch lies: can someone who can’t see the different shades of gray have the skills to take advantage in the first place?

But I haven’t lost my heart. My monthly expenses (no, rate of consumption) consistently exceeded my income (income, simply put), making me eminently eligible for venture capital and wealth funds to jump in with pots of money. Isn’t that how unicorns are created? Or so I thought. But reality has once again underscored the difference between businesses – whether established or start-ups – and mere individuals without business propositions, disruptive or not. Forget getting rich, I singularly failed even to make that coveted list of “elite” newspaper contributors. For information, there is a class system among contributors; those in the elite class see their pieces appear in the print editions and those in the “other” category are confined to the online print edition. So here I am; neither rich nor elite. A total failure to take advantage of anything.



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