How to make money fast

Money makes the world go round, especially when you run a criminal empire. You need money to do most things in Saints Row, from upgrading your weapons and cars to buying all the latest fashion items. Luckily, for the leader of a criminal gang, there’s no end to the ways you can roll the cash, and it’s suitable for any playstyle you prefer.

Whether you like to mow down your enemies with your full arsenal, put your driving skills to the test, or just sit around doing nothing, you can earn money doing it in Saints Row. We will tell you the best methods to earn a lot of money as quickly as possible.

Full side shoves

Big main missions bring in a lot of money, but if you want some pocket change, just grab a few small hustles instead. These will have you doing a lot of fun things like leaving bad reviews and shooting people who show up for revenge, or getting in a car and shooting everyone who’s chasing you.

Ok, let’s be honest with you, most ways to make money in this game involve shooting lots of people.

Drug Pallet Hunt

Saints Row Medication Palette

There are 125 medicine palettes to research in Saints Row, and luckily they all show up on your map. You won’t be able to see them all right away, but as you complete other tasks in the area, they will start to appear. Each of these you collect earns you some money and XP. Although the quantity is small, they are very easily found all over the world, which makes it a fairly quick method.

Eliminate Wanted Targets

Saints Row Wanted App

One of the first apps you get access to is the Wanted app which will give you a bunch of random targets to eliminate in different scenarios. It may be a matter of tracking them down and killing them, or you may need to chase them through town before they get away. Whatever the job, you will be well paid.

Advance your projects

Saints Row Completed Neighborhood

Once you gain access to the Criminal Empire map, you can complete a series of side missions to increase the amount of money each business earns. It might take a bit of time to complete them all, but it’s worth it because they’ll earn you the most money over time. Not only will your passive income grow, but you’ll get a huge lump sum payment once you hit all the goals you can invest in your next business venture.

Leave the game running

Saints Row Cash App

If you played many open-world games in the late 2000s or early 2010s, you’ll be familiar with in-game banking systems. These systems would see you investing in some way to earn money at regular intervals. They tick as long as you have the game open, which makes them deliciously exploitable because you can just leave the game open while you do other things and slowly earn money over time.

These systems have an income cap, but as long as you come back and collect every two hours, that cap is pretty much non-existent.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GL HF.