Harnessing the power of a millionaire mindset, Brayan Leverage helps businesses scale as a financial mentor and entrepreneur

Brayan Ramirez

A 33-year-old entrepreneur, financial mentor and founder of Leverage Cap Solutions, Brayan Ramirez, aka Brayan Leverage, has helped over 200 clients build structure and scale their businesses by leveraging business credit. Now he wants to teach anyone who wants to start their own business without touching their own pockets, and he strongly believes that with the right fundamental strategy, anyone deemed ineligible due to their credit score could, in fact, achieve their dreams.

At age six, he moved to the United States and later spent most of his twenties working in service-industry jobs such as bartending and waiting. Four years later, he decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a business owner and entered the financial field after noticing how American banks seemed to favor the wealthy while stifling the opportunity for the less well off to work hard. to become richer. This led him to the Leveraged Credit Strategy (LCS), a holistic approach to building a solid foundation on which a business can easily thrive and grow while allowing the entrepreneur to refrain from touching his own pocket. This encourages future business owners to apply for business credit instead of a personal credit card, thus keeping their credit score intact and even increasing it, which means it is borrowed money, money earned, with zero interest, leading to pure profit.

He sheds light on the millionaire mindset, where he says he’s always dreamed of becoming one, and now that he’s at that stage, the real hurdle is maintaining the millionaire position, and you can only do this with multiple companies, and the right strategies, ensuring that “your next low is higher than your last high”.

With Leverage Cap Solutions, he offers step-by-step courses on how to fix credit, get 0% APR financing, and take the business to exponential levels, emphasizing that “leaving a 9-to-5 job, becoming your own boss and maximizing your income while maintaining a 0% interest rate is possible when a personalized strategy for an individual is implemented”, which he says is possible with his credit effect strategy. the sink.