Gujarat minister accuses AAP of sending money via Hawala to Gujarat

Ahead of Gujarat parliamentary elections, Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi on Saturday accused Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to send black money via Hawala and Angadia routes. The minister also alleged that Bardoli’s AAP candidate, Rajendra Solanki, even admitted receiving money from the Delhi AAP office.

“AAP sent black money to Gujarat via Hawala and ‘Angadia’ from Delhi, Punjab and other sources. This money was caught in Bardoli, Ahmedabad and other places. PAA candidate Bardoli admitted that the funds came from the PAA office in Delhi,” Sanghavi told the media.

Moreover, Gujarat’s State Minister of Interior questioned, “He got the money from Angadia. Where does this money come from? They intend to stir up trouble in Gujarat…that question should be put to the AAP leaders.

Notably, on Thursday, a bag containing Rs 20 lakh in cash was Fly of the car of Rajendra Solanki, the AAP candidate for the Bardoli seat in Surat, according to the police, who added that while the bag was recovered, they also wrote to the Income Tax Department in Surat to investigate the source of the money.

Based on the money transfer made by an R Jain, the police were able to trace the money from Punjab to Delhi via Ahmedabad. According to the police, Jain handed it over to an Ahmedabad angadia (hawala operator) named Chhagan Jyanti, who then distributed it to angadias all over Gujarat.

Police seized coded handwritten notes from Angadias. The AAP candidate Rajendra Solanki in his complaint said the stolen money belonged to him, but he later denied it. He also distanced himself from the driver of his car, Santosh Parashar.

“This money is not mine; he was sent from Delhi by the AAP for campaign expenses. Parashar is not my driver. He is an AAP worker sent from Delhi,” Solanki explained. “I was introduced to him and told he would handle AAP’s expenses,” he continued. When the money was stolen, Parashar was supposed to hand it over to another driver, NewIndianExpress reported.

The police began to investigate the source of the money at this point. Local candidate drivers and party employees, according to a senior income tax official, collect money from Angadias and hand it over to candidates and party office staff.

Angadias and how they work

The Angadia is an unofficial messaging and banking service that operates on mutual trust. They act as an intermediary for the transfer of crores of rupees belonging to traders and wealthy individuals. Their main operating area is between Mumbai and Gujarat.

They use code words like Jokhim and Zhewar to convey the contents of the package when doing business. Traders and businessmen in Mumbai and Gujarat rely heavily on them to transfer money, jewelry and diamonds. They deliver in less than 24 hours for a very low price.