Ghana: Leveraging Digitization for Digital Manufacturing – Dr Bawumia at Corporate Ghana

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, said it was time for Corporate Ghana to leverage the government’s digitization drive for digital manufacturing.

Digital manufacturing is a technology-based approach (application of computer systems) to manufacturing services, supply chains, products and processes.

Speaking at the inauguration of Academic City University College, a private university in Accra on Tuesday, Dr Bawumia said Ghanaian companies that venture into digital manufacturing will create more opportunities, jobs and income for the people.

“We need to explore and support a transition to digital manufacturing,” Dr. Bawumia said, adding, “As the country shifts towards artificial intelligence, robotics and 3D printing…we need to take advantage of all this in the manufacturing sector”.

He called on Academic City University, which stands out for its innovations despite having been around for about 4 years, and other institutions, to lead the process.

“…and I ask the Academic University to take the initiative in this area. Our mechanics in Suame and elsewhere can use a lot of spare parts that Ghana could digitally manufacture and also export.”

At other higher education institutions, the vice-president also encouraged them to prioritize programs that provide young people with relevant skills for the labor market.

Accelerated industrial growth, Dr. Bawumia said, was a necessary condition for increased economic growth.

The indispensable skills in digital and information technologies in the 21st century, according to the vice-president, would ensure the economic transformation of the country.

Acknowledging the need to acquire such relevant skills, he said the government had implemented ambitious education reforms to develop a critical mass of assertive and empowered Ghanaians.

The government, Dr Bawumia said, had launched plans to establish universities in the newly created regions that would focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Dr. Bawumia praised Academic City University for the innovative programs offered by the university.

“We appreciate the contributions of these private universities, like the Academic University, as viable alternatives to public higher education institutions, which are unable to accommodate the high number of pre-graduate and postgraduate students. mature students who want to continue their studies but cannot enroll in public schools.

“It has only been four years since Academic City University opened its doors and it has already assumed a pivotal position in the overhaul of higher education in Ghana and the sub-region. beyond measure,” the vice president said.

He also praised the university for being the first institution in the region to offer a bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge programs, such as robotics and biomedical engineering.