Geldcast Update: The future of money – Expat Guide to Switzerland

More than 80% of central banks around the world are looking into central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The Swiss National Bank is one of them. What does he have in store for us?

In just three years, the eurozone could have a digital euro to supplement liquidity and bank balances, according to the European Central Bank.

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is also studying an e-franc: for the moment only for interbank use. But here, too, clever minds are already thinking about what a wide introduction of CBDCs might mean.

Would they strengthen the stability of the financial system? And would the SNB even be allowed to introduce an electronic franc for the general public, given that voters categorically rejected a “sovereign currency initiative” in 2018? Find out that and more in the latest Geldcast update.

From stock exchanges and bitcoin to inflation and monetary policy – Geldcast’s update features the latest from the world of international finance. Clear and entertaining for anyone who wants to stay up to date. The podcast is moderated by a monetary economist and economics journalist Fabio Canet.

The SWI Geldcast

The author Fabio Canetg obtained his doctorate in monetary policy from the University of Bern and the Toulouse School of Economics. He is now a lecturer at the University of Bern.

As a journalist, he works for SRF Arena, Republik Magazin and SWI He hosts the monetary policy podcast “Geldcast”.