GajShield Infotech to Unveil Cybersecurity Roadmap to Leverage Vision and Market Strategy

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GajShield Infotech to Unveil Cybersecurity Roadmap to Leverage Vision and Market Strategy

Posted on March 24, 2022

GajShield Infotech, is a global cybersecurity pioneer whose deep threat intelligence and security expertise has consistently translated into innovative security solutions while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and transparency. . In a bid to transform India into an international hub for cybersecurity related requirements, Gajshield Infotech, the well-known provider of data security firewall solutions, has recently launched its channel roadmap.

Titled “World-Class and Resilient Data Security Solutions”, the company’s roadmap will identify and highlight important aspects such as growth prospects for expanding channel business in India and overseas. and adding more products and expanding the workforce across India. It also aims to focus on key areas such as education, banking, garment manufacturing, healthcare and automotive industry and raise awareness through effective marketing activities. Witnessing the country’s ability to create a $35 billion cybersecurity products and services industry by 2025 and generate a skilled workforce of one million people in the security industry, the Leaf roadmap aims to make India a global cybersecurity hub.

Network security will become the most attractive product segment in terms of size, while security and vulnerability management will present the highest growth prospects in various geographical regions. As India is a major hub for increasing penetration and digitization of smartphones, it is important to build a robust industry of cybersecurity products and services in the country.

Mr. Sonit Jain, CEO – GajShield Infotech says, “As organizations around the world are progressively impacted by cyberattacks, Gajshield Infotech’s vision is to make the world safer through its innovative strategies. Conventional cybersecurity tools, in addition to being expensive, complex and time-consuming in resources, provide a sense of security but lack perceptibility of enterprise-wide and real-time cyber risk posture.Our cybersecurity roadmap is a game-changer, moving from identification to forecasting cyber breaches.It will provide a unique way to proactively maintain, measure and reduce cyber risk and qualify security and risk managers not only to make cyber security a business decision but also to help them communicate more effectively with all stakeholders Cybersecurity has now become a top priority for businesses today, our roadmap security strategy will prove to be a game changer in that direction.