Fraud Probe uncovers credit and bank card theft in Tampa Bay

TAMPA, FL – The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a fraudulent scheme in which three people are accused of stealing ID from mailboxes along with firearms, laptops, coins automobiles and lawn equipment in homes.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Economic Crimes Section thoroughly investigated bank fraud and mail theft cases throughout Hillsborough County, and detectives have identified three people living in a home in the 6000 block of the 48th Street N., in Tampa.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, on June 23, detectives executed a search warrant at the home and found numerous forms of personal identification that had been stolen, including social security cards and credit cards. .

Detectives also recovered stolen firearms and ammunition, stolen laptops, stolen auto parts, stolen lawn equipment and other items.

Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister said the three accused people accumulated items worth thousands of dollars over a period of months.

“These suspects are linked to multiple cases not just here in Hillsborough County, but throughout Tampa Bay,” Chronister said. “They exploited their victims by going straight to their mailboxes, stealing their mail and taking their personal information to access their bank accounts and spend their hard earned money. This is heinous behavior and here at HCSO we We will work to protect hard-working citizens from this kind of exploitation.”

The sheriff’s office arrested Benjamin Favata, 32, of North 48 Street, charged with fraudulent possession of personal identification information, vehicle burglary, petty theft and credit card theft. He was released from jail on $3,500 bond.

Aaron Montgomery, 23, of Hillside Drive, Tampa, was arrested for grand theft of a motor vehicle, driving with a suspended license, burglary of an unoccupied vehicle, grand larceny and credit card fraud. He remains in jail on $18,600 bond.

Jacquelyne Heiser, 28, of North 48th Street was arrested for trespassing and resisting an officer without violence. She is being held in Hillsborough County Jail without bond.

The investigation is ongoing and further charges may be laid.