Four people arrested for extorting money through a fake call center

Photo: IENS

Gurugram: Gurugram Police have busted a fake call center that was allegedly used to extort money from people under the pretense of recovering loans obtained through mobile instant loan disbursement apps. The police arrested four people including a woman between Friday and Saturday.

Those arrested were identified as Deepak, Sakshi Mehta, Ankit Kumar and Divyansh Kumar. They were operating from the Palam Vihar area, police said.

Police said they received several complaints against the suspects for blackmailing people into paying after their morphed nude photos were sent to them or their loved ones on WhatsApp. After that, they carried out technical surveillance of the gang. Following this, a search was carried out and one of the suspects was arrested on Friday. They added that based on information provided by him and details gathered through surveillance, three more people were arrested on Saturday, the Hindustan Times reported.

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Police said the suspects set up an illegal call center to call victims and extort money from them, threatening to reveal their responsibilities to friends, family and colleagues.

The call center employed 65 people trained to deceive people, each getting a 25% cut on the money extorted. They are also trained in image morphing, police said.

Police registered a case under sections 384 (extortion), 420 (cheating), 120 B (conspiracy) and 465 (false) of the Indian Penal Code and sections 66, 66B, 67 and 67A of the Technology Act information at the Cyber ​​East police station on Saturday.

Kala Ramachandran, police commissioner of Gurugram, said the modus operandi of the suspects was to trick people under the guise of offering a small amount of loan to people in need and then they get money back several times the money lent by charging a very high interest rate. . They also charged treatment fees and harassed not only the victim but also their family, friends and relatives using abusive and threatening language. The suspects also used to send obscene and vulgar messages and transform photos of the victims and send them to their family, friends and relatives to repay the loan before the due date,” she said. declared.

“They registered their business through fraudulent means by appointing fictitious administrators and ran the illegal call center under his guise,” she said, adding that the investigation was ongoing and that other suspects linked to the scam could be stopped.

Ramachandran said the gang has been active in Gurugram since July 2021 and has provided micro loans to around one million people across India. They started their operations from Udyog Vihar Phase 5 and later moved to Udyog Vihar Phase 4. The company started its operations by partnering with a private finance company which was raided by ED in Maharashtra. Then they linked up with a non-banking investment and trading company in Delhi. All the accused were taken into custody for three days. Their COO is a Singapore-based Chinese identified as Tay Zester,” she said.

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