Former Commons Speaker John Bercow has demanded taxpayers’ money to furlough his wife despite having £400,000 in the bank

FORMER Commons Speaker John Bercow used taxpayers’ money to furlough his wife during the pandemic – despite the company having £400,000 in the bank.

It comes after Bercow was last week branded a serial bully and liar while being banned from Parliament for life.


Ex-Commons Speaker John Bercow with his wife Sally
Mr Bercow was banned for life from holding a parliamentary pass last week for intimidating staff


Mr Bercow was banned for life from holding a parliamentary pass last week for intimidating staffCredit: pixel8000

The former Tory MP will never again hold a pass for the Westminster building after 21 damning allegations against him were confirmed.

Now it has been revealed he used the furlough scheme to pay his wife Sally who provides “administrative support” to his company, Redhead Ltd.

Bercow is believed to be using the company to funnel payments for public speaking.

He used the job support scheme for ten months – despite the company’s bank account containing £400,000 being healthy, reports The daily mail.

It’s unclear exactly how much the couple paid each other during that time.

When asked if he and his wife had repaid the money, his rep declined to comment.

Harry Fone, of campaign group Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: ‘Many taxpayers will be angry that a wealthy individual such as Mr Bercow is asking for furlough, particularly when some companies have rejected or at least refunded furlough funds – they should serve as an example to others.

“Taxpayers will have a long memory of those who contributed to the national effort and those who did not.”

It comes after The Sun revealed this week that police were called to Bercow’s home following an alleged late night domestic fight.

A complaint has been made to officers by his wife Sally, it is believed.

Mr Bercow, 59, was questioned by cops at the time and then left the couple’s riverside home in Battersea, south-west London, ‘with a face resembling thunder’ .

He was not arrested and the case was dropped by Met cops without further action.

The details have been registered with the local police community safety unit, which is normal for cops in such circumstances.

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A source said police were called to his home and apparently spoke with Sally, 52.

They added: ‘Mr Bercow was spoken to and then he left the address with his face apparently looking like thunder.’