Entrepreneurs Learn Strategies to Leverage Digital Platforms at SIBF 2022 – My Startup World

Social media expert Dana Shaban pointed out that entrepreneurs don’t have to break the bank to commercially advertise their businesses when they can leverage the power of social media platforms to market their offerings and increase sales.

During a moderated session titled ‘Important Points in E-marketing’ at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair on Saturday, Shaban shared several invaluable tips and tricks to increase sales to a crowded SIBF audience eager to make a business breakthrough on social media.

Explaining the kind of reach possible on social media platforms, she said, “For startups and people who can’t afford paid advertising, a good option is to use what’s commonly referred to as Free Reach, which consists of sharing publications and videos on social networks. Integrating this with securing a good position on search engines and using email is a great way to promote products and services.

The expert continued, “Post stories and go live on social media to promote your products or services; this helps to strengthen your credibility and your image.

She added: “Studies show that discount offers impact the buying decisions of 80% of social media consumers. My advice is to offer at least 10% off items or services costing $100 or less.

She highlighted the importance of identifying target audiences and raising awareness by posting informative content on social media that promotes products or services. She noted that tagging brands and locations do more to increase subscribers and expand exposure.

Shaban also stressed the importance of retaining customers. She said: “Keep communication channels open with customers, ask for feedback on your offerings and ways to improve them. This will cultivate trust and credibility and increase your word of mouth reach.

Touching on the concept of Paid Reach, she explained that paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram or via influencers is a great option if one has a budget for it. She pointed out that it is best to advertise in the middle of the week, either at the beginning or at the end of the month.

“People usually stay home mid-week and go out on weekends. The beginning or end of the month is usually the best time to advertise because people usually get paid at this time and there are more opportunities to improve sales prospects,” she concluded.