Dastgyr Partners with MoEngage to Leverage Insight-Driven Customer Engagement Platform

ISLAMABAD-Dastgyr, a Pakistan-based B2B e-commerce marketplace platform, has partnered with MoEngage, an insight-driven customer engagement platform, to better engage with its customers by understanding behavior and driving customer-centric strategies.

Having recently raised $37 million in a Series A round, Dastgyr connects thousands of retailers with vendors, giving customers real-time visibility into pricing and funding rates. Fulfilling over 1 million orders from over 100,000 customers, Dastgyr strives to make life easier for mom and pop stores in Pakistan by increasing revenue levels for store owners and sellers. The E-commerce market place democratizes access to digital buying and selling platforms. To generate benefits for underserved retailers, Dastgyr must drive adoption and engagement with its app. App adoption has been difficult due to resistance to technology among older store owners.

To better engage customers, it was essential to understand their behavior, create segments accordingly, and then experiment with growth strategies based on the segment. The Dastgyr team could then iterate and frame new results-based engagement strategies. With these goals in mind, the B2B e-commerce marketplace platform has partnered with MoEngage to drive the desired business results. “We are thrilled to partner with Dastgyr on their mission to connect two million underserved retailers to suppliers. We are committed to providing them with the information they are looking for. We also enable Dastgyr to closely monitor customer journeys and automate triggers to accelerate conversions. We also added a layer of transparent support to help achieve their business goals,” said Shivangi Boghani, Associate Vice President – ​​India, Middle East & Africa, MoEngage, while discussing the partnership.

Dastgyr can gather meaningful customer insights as they grow and expand across different verticals. The B2B e-commerce marketplace can now execute targeted engagement and improve the odds of ultimate conversion, streamline onboarding, and boost retention.

Speaking about the integration, Asna Ashraf, Head of National Growth, Dastgyr, said, “Before implementing MoEngage, we used large databases to extract and analyze information, which rarely went beyond the surface level. . With MoEngage, we have a streamlined approach to building customer cohorts, from time spent on specific app features to using RFM analysis. The knowledge-driven approach has been instrumental in improving the adoption of our platform by retailers, suppliers and end consumers. We look forward to making better use of MoEngage and achieving our business goals more effectively. Dastgyr joins the growing list of more than 1,200 global companies in 35 countries, such as Landmark Group, Edkasa, Krave Mart, Creditbook, Aimfit, Maqsad, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Airtel, Ola, Oyo, Mashreq Bank, among others, which trust MoEngage to deliver a consistent experience across multiple devices and touchpoints.