CU University and State Employees Unveil New Name, BluPeak Credit Union

BluPeak Credit Union logo.

The $1.2 billion USE Credit Union unveiled its new name, BluPeak Credit Union, to better represent the large and diverse communities in the five counties it serves, the financial cooperative announced Tuesday. based in San Diego.

“In today’s world, a member’s relationship and experience with their credit union plays a critical role in branding,” BluPeak chief marketing officer Amber Fielder said in a prepared statement. “The name USE, which stood for University & State Employees, could imply that these are the only Californians we serve, when in fact our membership is open to them along with other Californians where we hold community charters.”

The scope of credit union membership is also open to individuals who live, work, or worship in Alameda, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Clara, or Yolo counties, as well as individuals employed by the State of California and to employees and students of the State University.

Along with the new name, BluPeak has also introduced a new logo and updated messaging that better embody the credit union’s California roots and give a special nod to the ocean and majestic mountains that make up the landscape. unique to the Golden State.

“We put our values ​​under the microscope and found that we needed to take a more intentional approach with our branding to reflect and represent our desire and ability to go above and beyond other financial institutions when it comes to to be there for our members and employees,” said BluPeak CEO Todd Tharp. “The new name aligns with our mission to serve and uplift our neighborhoods, and the organization’s ambition to to be a leader in the fintech industry.”

BluPeak said it pioneered now mainstream technologies including online banking, mobile banking and mobile deposits.

According to the credit union’s 2021 annual report, it expanded digital banking by moving more membership applications and accounts online, launched person-to-person transfer, introduced voice banking, and enabled members to receive real-time account alerts and view credit scores.

BluPeak’s 162 employees operate six branches that serve more than 50,000 members.