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Timothy T. O’Dell, President and CEO, CFBank

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CEOCFO Magazine interviews CF Bankshares Inc. President and CEO Timothy T. O’Dell on their focus on commercial lending

CF Bankshares Inc. (NASDAQ: CFBK)

We think it’s really important to stick to proven fundamentals. We advise our clients to position themselves to be financially agile, but also to remain opportunistic.

—Timothy T. O’Dell

COLUMBUS, OHIO, April 26, 2022 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent publication for businesses and investors that highlights important technology and financial companies, today announced an interview with Timothy T. O ‘Dell, President and CEO of CF Bankshares Inc. (NASDAQ: CFBK) / CFBank, a community bank based in Columbus, Ohio.

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During the interview with Lynn Fosse, editor-in-chief of CEOCFO, Mr. O’Dell gives his opinion on the orientation of CFBank. “Our focus has remained unchanged since we recapitalized CFBank in late 2012, which was a failing federal savings bank. Our core business is commercial banking. For us, this is our team delivery that we call Boutique. Our boutique delivery and ease of doing business is what sets us apart and is largely responsible, along with the quality of our people, for our ability to consistently generate annual growth rates of 20%-25%.

Discussing what he has learned from their clients, Mr. O’Dell said, “From my perspective, the fundamentals have not changed when it comes to commercial banking. We’re always adding extra bells and whistles and leveraging technology. However, we believe that the fundamentals a business owner wants in a banking relationship is a supportive team that truly understands their business and are happy to respond. He continued, “Many business owners have grown and built their business from scratch. They want a trusted partner who is equally invested in them and their success, and who they know will ultimately be able to provide. It could be to fund growth, fund an acquisition, or profit from an inventory purchase. We believe business owners appreciate a bank that is responsive and easy to do business with. »

Asked about the competitive landscape, Mr. O’Dell replied, “It remains very competitive and there are a number of good local competitors in each of our four regional markets. We are in good markets, so they attract competitors. We are a commercial bank, in the community banking space. More often than not, we compete with regional banks to serve the best operating businesses. We strive, through our in-store delivery, to be the bank businesses and entrepreneurs think of first when it comes to financing their businesses. The change that has happened is that as regional banks push further upstream in loan sizes, smaller banks like ours are seeing more and more opportunities for these relationships.

Regarding local real estate financing, Mr. O’Dell explained, “Small institutions like CFBank have also become the go-to lenders for local real estate financing and lending. We now do the lion’s share of CRE lending in our communities, and we also partner for funding larger projects.

Explaining their growth opportunities, Mr. O’Dell shared, “We see opportunities for expansion and good growth prospects in all of our four regional metro markets, including Columbus, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Cincinnati. All have different competitors, and all turn out to be good places for us to do business. »

Asked how they help customers meet today’s challenges, Mr. O’Dell said, “Each year we and businesses face challenges. They are just different challenges. That’s why we think it’s really important to stick to proven fundamentals. We advise our clients to position themselves to be financially agile, but also to remain opportunistic.

Addressing the future of CFBank, Mr O’Dell told CEOCFO: “We have the infrastructure in place to become a much bigger bank. We have people on board who have scaled multi-billion dollar banks. , including myself.The reason we made this investment is because we see more and more business opportunities as well as our aspiration to continue to increase in size and scale.

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