Cenic: ”Citizens of BiH survive on Diaspora money”

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) survive on money from the diaspora, which they always send, and where there may be a delay with the bill for a few months, then it is late, and then something is paid, said economic expert Svetlana Cenic.

The average salary is not a reference because the salaries of 5,000 and 7,000 and those of 600 and 700 BAM are all included, so it is not a reference at all. It is necessary to separate each profession, and each category, then calculate the average salaries. But whatever this salary, except the highest salaries, it is impossible to survive. The political elite learned long ago that no one protests here. I can’t defend the norm of citizens if they don’t take care of it themselves in the sense that they don’t even ask where the money is, they don’t protest, they shut up,” Cenic said.

She says that in the post-war period, it is by far the highest inflation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some smart countries have worked in time to preserve the purchasing power of the population as much as possible, and we also have the fact that many prices are rising unjustifiably. And there is this psychological moment when, for example, wholesalers, knowing in advance that inflation is rising, raise prices dramatically, and even raise the prices of items on the shelves that haven’t moved or whatever whatever, but the reason is Ukraine. And then they bring the price down a bit and it’s advertised as a discount, and people buy like it’s free. People are not interested, we have no consumer protection. I laughed out loud at what governments have formed that “limited the margin” because they don’t have that control mechanism and because it’s more profitable for the trader or anyone d either to pay a fine or to treat the inspector because his profit is much higher. Citizens are never, ever interested in where their money is going, how the money is being spent, where the money is going, she points out.

Cenic says she is not worried about the stability of the banking sector, but is irritated by the terrible rise in prices for banking services.

As far as loans are concerned, as long as Euribor goes up, these loans and interest will also go up. If you had taken a loan in dollars, it would have been like with the Swiss. I suggested that something similar to what was done during the pandemic should be done. Reprogram people. The banking sector is more than liquid, it is stable. Another thing is that the prices for banking services are rising obscenely. I think that there too we should react, ”said Cenic.

She also points out that BiH is the country that is losing its population the fastest.

When you listen to politics, it’s great for us, it’s wonderful. You look at reality and it’s terrible. Whoever starts telling the truth will get a vote from me,” Cenic added.

Concerning the work of the Parliament, of the Council of Ministers, she says that the grade is big less.

And 5 in the index means that you passed the exam, that the teacher asked you. They don’t even allow themselves to be interrogated because you are a traitor, because you are immediately shot. Elections are bought and elections are destroyed by what the population has. If the citizens are not interested in their fate or their standard, there is no one who will do anything if the citizens themselves do not make an effort. Politics never do anything because they love you, but because they have to do something, so if you put pressure on them, maybe they will do something. In our country, of course, nothing will be resolved until everything is shaken down. Otherwise, our fate is certain, ”concluded Svetlana Cenic.