bc sakhi: Rural women credit the Bc Sakhi program with empowering them | Lucknow News

Lucknow: After completing her master’s degree, Bulandshahr resident Aanchal was looking for a way to move forward in life. She had big aspirations but no idea what she needed to do to build a career.
At such a time, the state government’s BC (Banking Correspondent) Sakhi program served as her support and anchor and today she provides banking services to people from village to village in her district, while being autonomous.
The story of Abha of Sultanpur is similar. A housewife, she was facing a financial crisis during the pandemic when she explored the possibility of becoming BC Sakhi. She worked hard and today life has changed since she joined the program. His income helped to meet family expenses.
Amna Khatoon from Moradabad, after completing her education, was working in a self-help group in the village when she became BC Sakhi. Getting out of the house and meeting people has helped her learn new skills. She now has knowledge of banking and says her life is improving day by day.
There are thousands of such women who have become BC Sakhis, gained confidence and opened a new world for themselves.
The program had started on May 22, 2020 to benefit women in the state by giving them job opportunities. Up to 24,526 women, under the Rural Livelihood Mission, provide banking services to people from village to village as BC Sakhis.
So far, 1.14 crore in transactions have been made by BC Sakhis. The value of these transactions is Rs 2,300 crore.
Affectionately referred to as “bank didi” by laborers and impoverished villagers in remote areas, they have earned a commission of over Rs 6 crore through the scheme. They have relieved people in villages without banks to find their account balance and go to banks to withdraw it by providing them with 24-hour banking services.