Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit: A Safe Investment Option to Grow Your Money

Pune, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) Fixed deposit is a humble instrument that Indians have been investing in for ages, where they can rest assured that their funds will remain safe and they can earn significant returns by the end of the duration. Bajaj Finance, an NBFC, is one such lender that offers investors the dual benefits of high FD interest rates and security of funds.

Here are some reasons why Bajaj Finance FD is a safe instrument to grow your money.

Earn more with high FD interest rates High FD interest rates are the main criteria that influence investors’ choices when investing in an FD. Typically, fixed income instruments like these don’t offer impressive returns. However, Bajaj Finance, being an NBFC, offers FD rates of up to 7.60% per annum on deposits. Therefore, the online FD of Bajaj Finance is much more rewarding than the FDs of banks and post offices. Here is a table summarizing the interest rates for different types of investors for a fixed term.

Investor investment amount in Rs.

FD rate (in pa) Tenor (in months) Total income on investment in rupees.

Non-senior 3 00,000 7.35% 44 3 89 101 Senior 3 00,000 7.60% 44 3 92 434 Senior citizens receive an additional rate advantage of up to 0.25% per year on their deposits. Flexible Payment Options With Bajaj Finance, investors can choose a flexible payment option. They can receive monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments for the non-cumulative FD option. This makes it easier to manage their finances for those with high cash requirements. To help you better understand what you can expect to earn, consider an FD of Rs. 3 lakh with a term of 44 months for senior citizens.

Method of Payment Interest Rate Interest Earning (in Rs.) Total Earnings (in Rs.) Monthly 7.35% per annum

80,850 3 80,850 Quarterly 7.39% pa

81,290 3 81,290 Half-yearly 7.46% pa

82,060 3 82,060 Annual 7.60% per year

83,600 3 83,600 All results mentioned above were calculated using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator. Loan against FD Bajaj Finance also allows investors to apply for an unsecured loan against their FD. You can quickly get a loan of up to 75% of the FD value. It provides investors with the necessary liquidity to meet urgent needs. Easy online investment process Thanks to the end-to-end online process, investors can benefit from a contactless investment procedure and invest from the comfort of their own home. One can quickly complete the FD form online and book an FD within minutes. Here is a quick guide to investing in fixed deposit online with Bajaj Finance 1. Find the official website of Bajaj Finserv and click on the Fixed deposit option under investments.

2. Click on the “Invest Now” button.

3. Complete the online application form which requires a minimum of information.

4. Provide KYC details and verify with OTP.

5. When the investment detail tab opens, indicate the amount of the initial deposit, select the term, frequency of payment.

6. Take the final step of investing using Net Banking and UPI.

Credible investment option Bajaj Finance FD has been accredited with the highest credit ratings – CRISIL AAA/STABLE and (ICRA)AAA (Stable). Hence, one can easily invest in a Bajaj Finance online FD without worrying about timely returns or defaults. Financial planning is essential to ensure that you make the right decisions to grow your wealth. You can increase your savings without worrying about risk or security with term deposits. Moreover, with the help of an FD calculator, you can pay for your investment to get the desired returns. If you are looking for the right FD, remember that with Bajaj Finserv fixed deposit, you can get secure returns. It offers FD rates of up to 7.60% per annum with a flexible term. Invest online with just Rs. 15,000 and take a step towards growing your wealth! REP REP

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