7 bank accounts that will give you free money

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It’s always nice to get a bonus, no matter how big or small. And if you can score the bonus with minimal effort, great. For example, some banks have generous tiered incentives that require you to deposit up to $200,000 to earn the biggest bonus. Needless to say, that’s not realistic for the average person.

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Some banks offer big bonuses with a high bar to reach them; while others give you a small, easy-to-obtain bonus. We’re going to give you a mix of the two here because everyone’s needs are different. In some cases, just signing up and making a few trades can net you a nice incentive. In other cases, you will have to deposit thousands.

Offers can vary widely in value and requirements, so if you’re looking for a new bank account, take a look. They have bonuses that may be worth signing up for.

TD bank checks

Sign-up bonus: up to $300

TD Bank will give you free money with their checking accounts if you qualify for direct deposit. TD Beyond Checking offers a $300 bonus with cumulative direct deposits of $2,500 or more in the first 60 days. Can’t get past this hurdle? The TD Convenience Chequing Account offers a $150 bonus with $500 in direct deposits. Convenience verification also has no maintenance fees if you maintain a daily balance of at least $100. For the Beyond Checking account, you must maintain a daily balance of at least $2,500 to waive the maintenance fee.

This offer is valid until March 31, 2022.

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Chime bank

Referral Bonus: $100

Chime is an online bank with no monthly fees. Like many online banks, it partners with a network of ATMs (in this case, MoneyPass) to allow you to withdraw cash without branches. If you register with Chime, you can earn a bonus by referring a friend. If you refer someone and they make a single qualifying deposit of $200 or more within 45 days of opening the account, you both get $100. The good thing about this offer is that you only have to invite a friend to receive it.

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Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank offers sign-up bonuses for its business accounts and personal accounts. We’ll cover one of each below.

Huntington Unlimited Business Checking and Unlimited Business Plus Checking

Sign-up bonus: up to $750

Are you self-employed or an entrepreneur? Maybe you drive for Uber or Lyft or offer freelance services? Anyone who carries out a commercial activity that does not work directly for an employer can open a professional bank account. If you have your own business, the Huntington Business checking account has a tiered bonus structure for new customers.

Huntington offers two business checking accounts with a sign-up bonus: Huntington Business Checking and Huntington Plus Business Checking. The former has a $400 bonus if you deposit at least $5,000 when you sign up and deposit an additional $10,000 or more per month. The Plus account has $750 if you deposit $20,000 when signing up and $25,000 or more per month.

Both Huntington Business Checking bonuses are valid until March 7, 2022.

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Huntington 5 Chequing Account

Sign-up bonus: $200

If you don’t have your own business or can’t meet Huntington’s business banking direct deposit requirements, his Huntington 5 Personal Checking Account has much lower requirements. For this account, you must have $1,000 or more in direct deposits in the first 60 days. If you can meet this requirement, you will receive a bonus of $200.

hunting bank

Chase may be the biggest bank in the United States, but it always wants new customers. As a result, it offers bonuses for signing up, and these bonuses are among the easiest to get. Here we will cover separate Chase accounts. The two Chase offers below are valid until April 20, 2022.

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Chase Total Verification

Sign-up bonus: $225

The Chase Total Checking account has a $225 sign-up bonus, and all you have to do is sign up and set up direct deposit within 90 days. Unlike other banks, Chase does not require you to deposit a certain amount. As long as you set up direct deposit, you will receive a bonus within 15 days.

There is a $12 monthly fee for this account, but you can waive that with $500 in monthly direct deposits. Alternatively, to waive the fee, you can maintain a daily balance of $1,500 or a minimum balance of $5,000 in linked accounts. As a final fee benchmark option, you can pay $25 or more in eligible verification services or fees.

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Chase Secure Banking

Sign-up bonus: $100

The Chase Secure Banking is another personal checking account from Chase with a sign-up bonus. Offer is $100 for new customers. This bonus is also easy to get, especially if you don’t have an employer who pays you by direct deposit. All you need to do is make 10 qualifying trades within the first 60 days. These include debit card purchases, online bill payments, and Zelle payments.

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