5 ways to make money in an hour

Do you have popular summer amenities, like a spare boat or pool, that you are not currently using? Consider listing these items on rental marketplaces and earn passive income.

People with boats and water sports equipment like kayaks, paddle boards and canoes can list these items on GetMyBoat, the largest yacht charter market in the world. Val Streif, marketing manager at GetMyBoat, said the average GetMyBoat owner makes over $15,000 a year.

Swimply, dubbed the Airbnb of pools, is a gig app that lets people list their backyard pools for hourly rentals. Pool owners decide how many registrations their pool has per hour, set the hours and days available, and determine what amenities will be included like pool floats or access to bathrooms or fire pits. From there, Swimply does the rest to reserve the pool for interested parties.

How much can you earn in an hour by renting your swimming pool? A representative for Swimply told GOBankingRates that the average pool rate on Swimply is $45 per hour. Beyond an hour, it is possible to earn thousands of dollars via pool rental. According to the Swimply rep, the app’s highest earner lives in Portland, Oregon, and has already earned nearly $200,000 in two years using the platform.