2023: Presidential candidate bans public officials from entering foreign schools and hospitals

Dumebi Kachikwu, the presidential candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC)says he plans to ban officials from sending their children to foreign schools or seeking treatment abroad if they are given the mandate to do so in 2023.

Mr Kachikwu said as much on Monday in Abuja, when he briefed reporters on the content of his campaign manifesto.

He said he planned to forward the Nigerian Patriot Act bill to the National Assembly when he first interfaced with lawmakers to stop public officials from sending their children overseas and arrest overseas medical tourism.

He said that if elected president, his first executive interface with the National Assembly would include a Nigerian Patriot Act bill.

“It is a statement of equality and fairness. It is a bill that says we are all in the same boat. He will ensure that officials cannot use privileges which they cannot grant to the common man.

“Anyone who wants to be in public service must use the same services that the masses use. No private or foreign schools for their families, no private or foreign hospitals for us or their families.

“There will also be no generators or boreholes in our homes so that we can provide a stable power supply and good water.

“If we want efficient and effective education, health care, public services, we must make them accessible to all so that we can all benefit equally. This is how we will build a nation that works for everyone,” he said.

The presidential candidate also said he would prioritize using the internet, which he said was the highway of the future.

Kachikwu said its leaders understand the internet is the highway of the future and will work to build essential broadband infrastructure.

He said broadband would be made available and affordable to all, as it was the only lever available to the current generation of young people and the next generation to bridge the gaps between their foreign counterparts.

“To ensure children can compete in the new world, my administration will work with state governors on a plan that will help the federal government invest in national electricity and telecommunications trunks.

“As state governments and private sector participants focus more on state distribution, we will harness all energy sources to provide electricity to our people while prioritizing clean energy.

“We need to replan our cities and build modern infrastructure across our country to reverse the rural exodus that threatens most of our communities,” he said.

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Mr Kachikwu said the concept of young people emigrating abroad in search of greener pastures would soon be a thing of the past as his administration would strive to protect the interests of the country’s best minds.

“It makes no sense to allow the brain drain caused by middle-class migration when all they want is security.

“I understand that our urban professionals migrate in search of good jobs, quality and affordable housing, health care and consistent electricity and I will make this a standard in all of our cities.

“Leadership without vision cannot continue to mislead our people, my administration will strive to elevate millions of farmers to agribusiness and transition from agriculture to agribusiness.

“We will make Nigeria the food factory of Africa, providing millions of well-paying middle class jobs and ending urban migration,” he said.


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